• November, 2018 - IBA Interviews Robert Sargent on Professional Liability, download here. IBA uncovered the potential exposures your clients need to know about.

  • October, 2015 - Robert Sargent commented on the Cyber Risk Insurance market to SC Magazine on Retail and health fields to lead cyber insurance premium spike, here: Companies with $25 million to $100 million in revenue will experience "some tightening in the underwriting guidelines," but increases have not been prohibitive. Sargent noted that increases have especially affected retail, financial, health care companies.

  • September, 2015 - Robert Sargent participated in an A.M. Best Co. webinar titled Inside Today’s Surplus Lines Market (see here & here), commenting:
    There is an overall healthy level of strong competition going on in the profession today…However, it is an underwriting-driven market that provides some stability.

  • September, 2015 – Robert Sargent commented on the Surplus Lines industry to Insurance Journal in Surplus Lines Posts Record-Breaking Year for 2014:
    Technology contributes a great deal to the success of the E&S industry…Technology is impacting our business a fair amount…helping to drive new business….Much of that growth stems from innovation, the hallmark of E&S professionals.

  • October, 2013 - Robert Sargent commented on opportunities in and challenges to the surplus lines insurance industry in Property Casualty 360 (National Underwriter) here. “the long term challenges to the E&S industry come in three areas–regulatory, technology and people…The E&S insurance industry’s biggest opportunity is to continue to do what we do so well: meeting the complex and unique insurance needs of our clients with creativity and expertise.”

  • May, 2013 - Program Business article (see here) highlighting Tennant Risk Services, specifically the company’s expertise and experience, strong market access, ability to customize coverages, and trends they’re seeing in the professional liability segment. Robert Sargent is quoted: "Because of our specialization we can serve the needs of each segment and find the right market for an account within the segment. This provides tremendous value to our agency clients."

  • November, 2012 - Robert Sargent commented on the current insurance agents & brokers E&O insurance market in Insurance Journal (see here).  "There is some tightening going on.... But for now, price increases in agency E&O remain moderate and fragmented... There’s still a lot of competition."

  • September, 2012 - Robert Sargent participated in an A.M. Best Co. webinar titled Inside Today’s Surplus Lines Market.  (see here) “There's some tension because the underwriters don’t want to lose market share—they’d like to retain those accounts if they can,” Sargent observes. “But new business underwriters with appropriate levels of information and documentation are willing to take a shot at new business as well.”

  • September, 2012 - Robert Sargent participated in an A.M. Best Co. webinar titled Inside Today’s Surplus Lines Market.  (see here & here)
    “The market is heading in the right direction," said Robert Sargent, president and chief executive officer of Tennant Risk Services and current president of the National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices Ltd. "We are seeing some gradual increase in rates and tightening as we go, but it's fragmented.”

  • May, 2012 – Robert Sargent comments on NAPSLO’s new online educational offerings (see here). “Together, these programs help NAPSLO members ensure their employees continue to develop their specialty lines expertise they need to assist their customers.”

  • January, 2012 – Tennant Risk releases a video introduction to the company and its services (see here).

  • December, 2011 – Robert Sargent provides a specialty lines outlook for 2012 (see here). 
    “Underwriters are also looking at professional liability catastrophic exposure embedded in an insurance agency”
    “Certain segments—whether you define that by class, by territory or by line of business—are going to see some changes," he adds. "Even some of the more competitive lines are going through some changes in the midst of competition.”

  • November, 2011 – Robert Sargent was elected President of NAPSLO (see here).

  • October, 2011 – Robert Sargent commented on NAPSLO and the surplus lines industry. (see here).  “The Great Recession has tested the broader property/casualty industry, and the surplus lines segment has "done extremely well through this environment.''

  • October, 2011 – Robert Sargent nominated as the incoming President of NAPSLO. (see here)  “[NAPSLO] is a critical organization for specialty lines and wholesale distribution, and this organization has an outstanding history.”

  • July, 2010 – Robert Sargent participated in an A.M. Best Co. webinar on The Impact of Insurance Impairments on Agents, Brokers, Directors and Officers  (see here).  “any type of insurance agency account can be written by somebody in the market and generally we’re able to get multiple quotes…” on those types of accounts.

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