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Risk management can have a significant impact on cyber exposures.  Some are simple, and others are highly technical and complex.  While we are not an expert, here are a few simple steps that might help mitigate pre-incident cyber exposures:

  • Get expert help
  • Force periodic password changes
  • Ensure all of your software is updated frequently, particularly operating systems and virus protection
  • Educate employees on cyber security
  • Minimize the confidential information retained, and access to it
  • Do a cyber-security assessment
  • Talk to your bank about cyber exposures
  • Conduct online banking only from clean computers used for nothing else
  • Have an incident response plan, and include PR capabilities
  • Buy Cyber Risk Insurance

Let us know if we can be helpful with cyber risk management, including providing resources and introductions to experts in the field.  For additional information, sales collateral, applications and indication forms, and for expert assistance with Cyber Risk Insurance, please contact us.

Tennant Risk Services is a wholesale broker and underwriting manager providing professional liability insurance.  We offer a broad portfolio of Cyber Risk Insurance, Technology E&O and other Professional Liability products customized to meet the specific needs of your clients.  We will provide you with the experience, expertise and market access that you need and expect so you can successfully meet your clients’ insurance needs.

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