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Who Needs cyber coverage

Who needs it?  Any organization that stores or transmits confidential information or whose operations may be subject to disruption from the failure of technology needs Cyber Risk Insurance.  Most organizations require confidential information from customers and employees in order to conduct their business. 

The use of technology has made us more efficient, but it has also increased the challenge of protecting confidential information from unintended release and malicious actions.  The rate of breach incidents is increasing, particularly among small to medium sized businesses.  See Who Buys Cyber Risk Insurance for some examples of organizations that buy Cyber Risk Insurance, and Breaches & Claim Examples to see what can go wrong.

How much will it cost?  Costs vary depending on the size and type of business, and the amount and type of information stored.  Rates vary from one insurer to the next, and are often based on annual revenue or the number of records, along with other factors.  Premiums and coverage can be customized for each organization based on their own needs and exposures.  Minimums can start as low as $500 and will increase depending on the organization, coverage, limit, deductible and insurer.

Applications for coverage are long, but Our Quote Process has removed the challenges of quoting your business – our process to get Cyber Risk Insurance is simple.  Because the costs are low, and because the risks and exposures are high and growing, particularly for small businesses, more and more organizations are considering and purchasing Cyber Risk Insurance.

We have a unique approach for providing comprehensive and competitive Cyber Risk Insurance to you for your clients.  To find out how, and for additional information, sales collateral, applications and indication forms, and for expert assistance with Cyber Risk Insurance, please contact us.

Tennant Risk Services is a wholesale broker and underwriting manager providing professional liability insurance.  We offer a broad portfolio of Cyber Risk Insurance, Technology E&O and other Professional Liability products customized to meet the specific needs of your clients.  We will provide you with the experience, expertise and market access that you need and expect so you can successfully meet your clients’ insurance needs.

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