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Each policy provides claims reporting requirements and information.  Either you or the insured can report the claim directly to the insurer using the contact information found in the policy.  If you have any questions about where to find this information please contact us.

Alternatively you can report the claim to Tennant Risk Services (in writing) and we will forward the claim on to the carrier.

Guidelines for Claims Reporting to Tennant Risk Services:

The following information is required when an incident or claim is reported to us:

  •   Correct Insured Name (including DBA’s)
  •   Correct Policy Number
  •   Correct Policy Effective Dates

Claims should be sent to us via email (, mail or fax (860-216-5845).  Please make sure to include your full contact information including name, phone number, email address and fax number in addition to the information listed above.  If you report a claim by either email or fax, please follow up to ensure that we actually receive the report because both technologies are not 100% reliable. 

We will immediately report the claim to the insurer and confirm that the claim has been received.   When received we will provide your office with the contact information for the insurance company.  We encourage you and your client to communicate directly with that contact.  Please let us know if at any point you need assistance communicating with the insurance company.

Because of the importance of reporting claims we suggest that you follow-up with us if you do not get an immediate response to your claim to ascertain that the notice of the claim has indeed been received by our office.


Virtually all professional liability policies are written on a claims made basis.  Therefore, it is critically important that claims are reported in compliance with the policy provisions.  Most importantly:

Report claims immediately.  Generally, a claim that has been made must be reported as soon as is practical, consistent with the terms and conditions of the policy.  Because of their nature, insurers and your client’s defense counsel will need time to consider a claim and develop a response.  More importantly, a late response may void coverage.  Report claims immediately.

Potential claims must be reported.  Many professional liability policies require the reporting of an incident that could lead to a claim in the future.  All potential incidents that may develop into a claim should be reported to the insurer in accordance with the terms of the policy.  Not only does diligent claim reporting protect the insured's interests, it also provides an opportunity to head off potentially litigious situations.

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